Cavendish has a rich history spanning more than a century. Established in 1919 in Newcastle, England, by Joseph Cohen, the British brand has skilfully maintained its legacy of craftmanship over the decades. Named after Cavendish Square in central London, where the head office was initially based, Cavendish at first offered bespoke furniture and upholstery before turning to ready-made furniture as the brand grew to over 500 stores, becoming the largest furniture retailer in the world pre-Second World War, before being sold to a large retail group.

Today, Andrew Cohen, a fourth generation Cohen, has re-established Cavendish, echoing the brand’s timeless elegance with fine luxury and showcasing its resolutely British heritage.

Made from the finest collection of materials, hand-picked by its designers, Cavendish furniture, upholstery and lighting pieces combine ancestral manufacturing methods with innovative techniques to make a statement. At the heart of Cavendish: a passion for beauty and excellence, an eye for sophisticated details alongside the pure dedication of its master artisans.

Cavendish – bringing the art of design and craftmanship to life. .